Why join

thinking of joining car-craft?

Car Craft offers business owners the opportunity to a be part of a group of like-minded professionals in the smash repair industry.

The Car Craft offer of Membership provides the ability to maintain your independence and identity while being part of a larger group.

Car Craft is the longest established group of its kind in Australia starting in Perth in 1987.

It now has a broad membership in every state and territory in Australia.

Although originally set up as a co-operative buying group, the Company has broadened its offerings to its business partners in areas such as training, advocacy, referrals by insurers, networking events, exclusive business partner offers as well as being the first choice of many insurers and suppliers as a trusted Company of repair professionals.

As the Company expands across Australia the benefits detailed in this document for Shareholders of the organisation will continue to grow. Membership to Car Craft is decided by a board of directors upon application.

"Car Craft Accident Repair Centres are a co-operative of quality smash repairers that are the recognised leaders in the smash repair industry and the first choice of the motoring public for smash repairs and motor vehicle maintenance."