Quantum – Owner Intro Presentation

Video Chapters: 

00.00 | Welcome
00.46 | Warning!
01.20 | What is it?
02.00 | National strategy
03.15 | Problems Solved
05.00 | Opportunities created
06.59 | Key Principles
08.45 | Under the Hood
11.45 | Ongoing time investment.
12.20 | Owner Feedback.
15.40 | How do I get it?


Over the last four years the team at Car Craft have been building a suite of offerings that are exclusive to Car Craft Members, one of those was to find a performance analytical KPI, budgeting & benchmarking system, but not just any system, one that can assist in many other areas of measuring our businesses for success. This new system’s concept was supported at National Director’s Strategy session and is part of our road ahead planning for the next five years.

KPI – Keep People Interested, Keep People Informed, Keep People Involved, Keep People Inspired.

Car Craft Quantum Performance Management System will allow members to measure their performance not only against similar businesses, territories, and national members in complete anonymity with their data being protected, but business with similar turnover, manufacture approvals and if you are a multi-site operator you measure and view all your sites on one data information page.

Car Craft Quantum is different from your average benchmarking system because it measures everything in your business, it has the smarts to take your Quantum budget and upload data directly into the platform for live online reviewing immediately.

In May 2023 the first national Quantum numerous summit was held in Sydney the one and half day summit included a KPI budgeting session and then what to do with those numbers by identifying value adding activities and non-value adding activities within the business plus so much more.

Octoral users can access Car Craft Quantum Performance as part of their refinishing system agreement, non Octoral users can also access Quantum for $2,500 per year, this will include developing a guided journey with the ability to change direction depending on the market conditions whilst being flexible and uncomplicated.

Reviewing your budget results and connected metrics for optimal deployment of resources to enable the change journey from the current state to the next improved state whilst forever striving for the ideal state, on-site visits can be scheduled these will be at cost (travel, accommodation etc)

Keep an eye out for news on Quantum as it is rolled out across the country.

For more information contact Car Craft CEO Peter McMahon or Paul Wake, Paul can be reached on 0439 393 519.