frequently asked questions

If you are a quality bodyshop who wishes to become a part of a group that strives for excellence, while still retaining ownership of your business then car craft could be a great solution for you. Please contact your local car craft office. You’ll find all the details on the contact us page 

 Your local manager has all the details and is there to assist you through the whole process.

Car Craft has worked with Telstra’s subsidiary and provided postcodes , Names and contact numbers for all members across Australia. The public just dials 1300 326 243 and the recorded message will ask you to type in a postcode, and subject to the postcode entered the system will dial the members business direct.

Car Craft Holdings is a national board made up of directors from each state and map out the path for the group nationally.

The 1300damage system will provide a recording of the various members and ask the customer to choose 1,2 or 3.

Car Craft Group owns Ezi Methods distribution in Australia and New Zealand, we strongly   recommend shareholders/members support their own products and we strongly support all repairs having a method.

Yes, your Directors and Managers are always actively seeking to build relationships with insurers, fleet companies both national and local.

To change your details, please contact your local regional manager or email admin@car-craft.com.au

Yes, the Car Craft Boards agreed that the group should strive to achieve level 2 in the national grading system.