dispute resolution


In the event of a complaint from a customer regarding a repair, it is in the repairers interests to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

However if the issue escalates and becomes difficult to resolve, the member should direct the customer to the Car Craft corporate office in each State.


The following guidelines should be followed in the event of a member receiving a customer complaint.

STEP 1 – The member should assist the customer in identifying the nature of the complaint. In the first instance all members should make every effort to resolve the customer’s concerns.

STEP 2 – If the customer remains dissatisfied, the member should advise the customer to write to the General Manager in the relevant State, outlining the details of the complaint and any remedial action taken to date.

STEP 3 - The Manager will enter the details of the complaint into the Complaints Register and will also advise the Chairman. The Chairman or his representative will contact the complainant within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt of the letter and describe to the customer Car Craft’s Disputes Resolution Procedure, which is:
     a. The Chairman to appoint a Director to investigate the complaint and recommend appropriate remedial action.
     b.If “personalities” are preventing effective resolution of the complaint, the Director should direct any rectification work to another Car Craft repairer convenient to the customer.
     c. Once the complaint has been satisfactorily resolved the Director should submit a short written report to the Chairman outlining the nature of the complaint and the actions taken to resolve it.
     d. To conclude the process, the Chairman will write to the customer, summarising the actions taken and inviting the customer to contact the Chairman should there be any further difficulties.


Speed and communication are the two crucial factors when dealing with disgruntled customers.

Every effort must be made to resolve customer concerns promptly and to keep the customer informed throughout the process.