I-CAR Welding Certification in WA

Car Craft Accident Repair Centres are currently working towards the AMBRA National Shop Grading Program accreditation, which requires key staff in the business to achieve I-Car Platinum Level or equivalent training courses by an AMBRA recognised RTO.  This training includes Welding Qualification Testing.

Car Craft General Manager, Peter McMahon stated, “feedback from both students and owners has been very positive and I believe that this course will help improve quality standards of work and efficiencies in their workshop.”Bowra Panel & Paint Owner and Car Craft Director, Peter Coupland said “my guys were really motivated on returning from the welding prep training.  They immediately pulled out the welders and made sure they were set up and running correctly.”

I-CAR Course Developer & Welding Certifier, Geoff Mitchell advised “the Welding Prep Training is designed to help prepare students for the Welding Qualification Testing, which requires 15 welds in different positions, which are destructive tested.”

“There is a good reason why I-CAR stipulates the 4-6 week gap between the Welding Prep Training and the Welding Qualification Testing, they need to practice, practice and practice.”

“It’s a tough course to pass with a failure rate around 40%.”

Article by Jason Hamling, Car Craft WA BDM


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