WA Young Guns Meet

The next generation of repairers are heading up to the helm of many smash repairers. Car Craft began in Perth WA back in 1987 and now some of Car Craft’s Western Australia Members are close to handing over the reins to the next generation. To acknowledge this Car Craft recently held a meeting of the younger members of the group. They have been given the title of the “Young Guns”.

These members are seen as the succession plan for Car Craft as well as for the industry and it is important that their views are heard and they are exposed to the industry’s bigger picture.

Darren Templeton, leading Young Gun and a director of Bumper Repairs Perth said “The Car Craft board is interested in gaining valuable input from the younger generation within our group. Most have been working in the family business, so they have had exposure to the challenges their businesses are facing and it is interesting to note that they look at these challenges differently to their parents, he said.

“Being part of a group allows repairers to openly discuss common challenges faced by all and look at possible outcomes that could be mutually beneficial for all parties,” Templeton said.

“Many of the group’s older members are moving towards retirement and will exit over the next few years, so encouraging the younger generation to also understand the issues that are experienced beyond their own businesses will give them a greater opportunity for personal growth and make them more valuable to the industry as a whole,” he said.

The first meeting was a great success and the group is keen to continue working together.

Courtesy of Paint & Panel Magazine 11 November 2015

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