How do you take on the consolidators?


“There is a bigger picture do you want to be part of it?” said WA Car Craft Chairman Wayne Phipps.

With the merger with the MCRS repairers in South Australia, the group now has 80 shops across three states and next week sets off on a roadshow to offer an alternative to going it alone in an increasingly tough market.

Phipps might be a tad biased when he says: “Car Craft Bumper Repairs Perth going national is the greatest thing to happen to independent repairers in Australia.” He makes the point that ‘small trees in big forests are hard to find’ and that Car Craft can offer the marketplace ‘a real and viable alternative to the consolidators.”

Longterm Car Craft member Michael Wilkinson of WA prestige shop Peter Wilkinson & Co is passionate about future of the independent repair industry: “Independent repairers deliver greater outcomes in terms of quality and service.

“Car Craft is a genuine and legitimate alternative to the consolidation model, with a strong focus on the use of genuine parts and best practice. We present as professionals in our industry with skin in the game,” he said.

The Car Craft Group is preparing to launch its national vision to repairers in Victoria, New South Wales and ACT next week.

“The industry must evolve and Car Craft intends to ride out the storm by growing a strong and professional national organisation with quality standards, whose members can offer a premium service to their customers and who have confidence in the future of their industry,
Phipps, said.

“Being part of a national group will provide independent car body repairs perth with negotiating strength and the many other benefits and assistance that are available to members.

Car Craft will be presenting in Melbourne on Tuesday, 8 September; in Canberra on Wednesday, 9 September; and in Sydney on Thursday, 10 September 2015.

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