Car Craft and Master Collision Repair Specialists join forces


Master Collision Repair Specialists is changing its name to Car Craft bumper repairs perth South Australia. This means that, along with members in Queensland the Car Craft numbers in the three States totals 80 businesses.

The WA, SA & QLD chairmen, Wayne Phipps, Tony Bava and Chris Manteit made a joint statement:”We are extremely proud to make the announcement of this important industry agreement.  The history built by Car Craft Smash Repairs Perth in WA & QLD and MCRS in SA proves the benefit of being part of a group.

“Our aim is to create and continue to grow a strong professional group of quality repairers across Australia. We will focus on the importance of providing quality repairs to consumers and bringing improved benefits to the group members through our strength of numbers.

“It has never been more important to be part of a united national industry support network which will give its members stability and confidence in the future.

“The next few months will be very busy and exciting as there is much to be done to formulate the structure for a national network.  Once all is in place an official launch will be held in South Australia to formalise the union.”

The combined group will be presenting their vision for the future in Melbourne (8th September), Canberra (9th September) and Sydney (10th September). For further information on the roadshow contact Noelle Simons on: 0409 445 000.

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