Collision Repair Expo 2015

Along with all the major body repair industry participants Car Craft was again an exhibitor at the 2015 Expo, held in Melbourne from 16 – 18th April.  Members from both WA and Queensland attended and it was great to see them at the stand each day.

This was the third Expo where Car Craft Panel Beaters has exhibited as a brand awareness exercise.  The first in 2011 was moderately successful with few people aware of the brand.  There was much more interest in 2013 as the marketing started to have an effect and Queensland was established.

The 2015 Expo was very successful and significant in the national sense.  There was interest from SA, NSW and Victoria in establishing groups in those States and Car Craft Bumper Repairs Perth is confident that this will occur in at least one of those States before the end of this year.

The group believes that the pressures the industry is now faces nationally means that it is a good time to be promoting the Car Craft’s ideals and philosophy.  The model has worked extremely well in WA and QLD and there is no reason why the many benefits can’t be enjoyed in other States.